Patrol-101 External motion sensor


109,75 € with VAT.

External motion sensor (SHUTTER); dual PIR element with MW technology; IP65, -30 ° - + 65 °; ANTI-MASK protection; Immunity on animals up to 30 kg; SHOCK sensor.

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Patrol 101
Patrol-101 diagramma
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Input voltage: 9 -16V
Current consumption:
In standby mode:
In alarm mode:
Heater input voltage: 12 – 14V
Heater current consumption: 700mA
Microwave frequency: 10.525GHz
Anti-mask startup (boot) period: 50 ± 5 sec
Adjustable mask detection: 0.2 – 20 sm (adjustable)
Detector warm up period: 50 ± 5 sec
Detection range: 15meters
Detection speed range: 0.2 – 4 m/sec
Detector relay output: NC/NO; 60V;100mA;16Ω
Tamper output: NC; 60V;100mA;16Ω
Anti-mask relay output: NC/NO; 60V;100mA;16Ω
Anti-mask alarm activation delay: 40-60 sec
Alarm period: 3 sec
Reset time: 5±1sec
Pulse counnting: 1-5
Installations height: 2.5 – 5 meters
Light immunity: no less than 30000Lux
Operating temperature range: 
without heater: – 30°C +60°C
with heater: – 55°C +60°C
Storage temperature range: – 60ºC +80ºC
Protection rating: IP65
RFI immunity: 30V/m at a frequency range 30MHz – 2GHz
EMI immunity: 50000V
Dimensions: 55mm x 49mm x 153mm
Weight: 270gr