Ref.4810 power supply unit


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P.S.U DIN10 230Vac / 12Vac 18Vdc / 1.5A power supply unit

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DIN 10 dimensions: 175x 90 mm x60 mm

Input tension: 230 Vac

Output tension: 12 Vac + 18 Vac

Output current: 1.5A

Input protection: PTC and 2,3A fuse

Input protection: Electronic limitation for overload and short circuit

Input frequency: 50-60 MHz.

With two function indicator LEDs: 
- ON LED lit: indicates that the power supply is working. 
- OVERLOAD LED lit: indicates maximum current exceeded (it will be necessary to reduce the installation load or add additional power supply/supplies). 
- ON LED+OVERLOAD blinking: indicates short circuit.

Weight: 0,832 kg

Size of product when packed: 18x9,5x6,5 cm