Patrol-301 Detector Vertical curtain


22,98 € with VAT.

Detector "Vertical curtain"  (10x15 meters) t °: -30 +50 ° C

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Detection speed range: 0.2 - 3.0m/sec;
Power input: 8.5 - 16VDC;
Current consumption:  
In stand-by mode: 12.2mA;
In alarm mode with LED on: 13.2mA;
In alarm mode with LED off: 8.2mA;
Pulse mode: 1,2;
Alarm period: 3sec;
Detection range: 15meters;
Installation height: up to 10meters;
Relay output: NC; 60V; 120mA; 16Ω;
Warm up period: 40sec;
Reset time: 5±1sec;
Light immunity: no less than 10000Lux;
Opening protection: TAMPER SWITCH;
Operating temperature range: -30ºC +50ºC;
Storage temperature range: -50ºC +80ºC;
RFI immunity: 30V/m at a frequency range 10MHz - 1000MHz;
EMI immunity: 50000V;
Dimensions: 75mm x 66mm x 49mm;
Weight: 106gr.